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Supporting CCCP

You're a fansub / scene group and want to support the CCCP? Read:

  • First and foremost, you gotta recommend CCCP as THE playback solution for your encodes on Windows. Extra stuff on top is fine (ie, CCCP + CoreAVC), but you can't also recommend x random codec pack as well. (Obviously, feel free to recommend mplayer or similar for Mac and Linux).

Optional steps:

  • Add yourself to the FAQ listing if you feel like it.
  • Tell people you support us! A news post, stuff in NFOs, pointing people to us for playback support, etc.
  • Send a representative to #cccp on Rizon so we can induct you and give a group rep voice.

Why doing this will be beneficial to your health: No more playback help questions ever! -- or at least, you don't have to answer them. We have a very active forum you can point people to. No registration required

Group Endorsements

Here's a hopefully complete and up-to-date (ha!) list.

Combined Community Codec Pack

CCCP FAQ's and documentation: Troubleshooting guide | Frequently Asked Questions | Documentation and FAQ about players | Technical documentation | Older information

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