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This is the place where we store old, outdated knowledge. It may still be useful, but isn't really so interesting anymore. We keep it mostly for the sake of completeness.

I have a full version of Nero 6 and want to use it for H.264/AVC decoding. How do I do it?

First, check if you really have the Nero Digital decoder installed. You can do this by running Nero SmartStart (Start -> Nero -> Nero SmartStart). Click the fiery button in the lower right corner, then click the Serial Numbers tab. If there is an entry called "Nero Digital Universal Plug-in" you can use Nero for decoding. You can obtain the plugin from Nero as part of the NeroVision Express package. It also requires a valid Nero 6 Ultra Edition serial to be present.

Nero StartSmart Serial Numbers tab with Nero Digital plugin installed

When you have verified that you have the plugin, just go to the CCCP settings and uncheck "Decode h.264 with ffdshow". If you do not have that plugin, you will be unable to use the Nero Video Decoder for AVC/H.264 video. (Add more fluffiness to make it look pretty right next to the image, kthx.)

Note: If you have Nero 7 installed you cannot do the above. Unfortunately Nero felt it was better to allow nothing but their own player, Showtime, to be able to use their video decoder. So unless you rename your player to showtime.exe, you cannot use nevideo.ax. Horribly stupid we know, but blame them (and movax) for being assholes.

What's this K-Lite CCCP profile thing?

Apparently, it is an attempt by K-lite to imitate a CCCP installation. It will install the same components as the CCCP (almost - we have no idea which ffdshow version is used, and we're pretty sure it doesn't come with the fixed 2.36 VSFilter), but it will not set the default settings to make it behave like the CCCP. Our tests indicate that it's completely broken (it more or less leaves everything at default values, which is NOT a good idea). We have no idea what the K-lite pack makers mean to accomplish with this. We are not affiliated with K-lite in any way, shape or form, and use of any of the K-lite packs/profiles is definitely not recommended. There's also a forum thread about this on KAA's forums.

Update: We talked to the K-Lite people and they have agreed to remove the CCCP profile. We took some screenshots to prove its brokenness, available here.

What are those files ending with .ogm?

Ogg media files. This is an unofficial variation of the ogg container that allows you to include some formats of video, audio and subtitles that native Ogg cannot handle (Note, however, that Ogg CAN handle video, it is the native container for Theora, for example). All development stopped almost 2 years ago and the source for the last version was lost. Versions after are based on an older source and have much lower compatibility. The homepage still exists at http://tobias.everwicked.com, but Haali Media Splitter is generally the best thing to use to play these files.

The audio goes out of sync in some OGMs. How do I fix it?

Check "Always enable all streams" in the Ogg Splitter settings and then use Zoom Player or any other player with built in audio switcher. The sideeffect of doing this is that the first subtitle track always will be on by default. It happens when the samplerate of the audio tracks aren't the same but are still assumed to be identical.

Note: This issue is no longer relevant since we stopped using OggDS for OGM splitting. Haali does it right.

Subs in OGM files are really picky about when to show up. Can I do anything about it?

If you don't have "Enable all streams" turned on in OggDS (can be set using the CCCP settings manager), you will always have to turn on subs manually. Enabling that option will solve that problem, but it only works in ZoomPlayer.

On a related topic: if you have "Enable all streams" turned off, after turning on/switching subs, one has to seek a bit to make them appear. That problem is a known bug in OggDS, and we can't do much about it. We're searching for a better Ogg splitter (no, Gabest's is not an alternative), but so far our efforts hasn't turned up anything. If you are satisfied with only using MPC for OGM files, you can "solve" the problem by going to its options -> filters area and checking "Ogg" under the "Source filters" heading. That will, of course, only solve the problem in MPC - other players are unaffected.

Note: this is also fixed with the introduction of Haali's OGM splitter.

How do I use CCCP to decode LPCM audio?

LPCM is an audio format occasionally used on DVD's. Decoding of it in CCCP is possible, but not turned on by default (Note: turned on by default since 2005-12-21). If you want to use ffdshow for decoding it, do the following:

  1. Go to Start -> Programs -> Combined Community Codec Pack -> ffdshow Audio Decoder Configuration.
  2. In the leftmost menu, find and click the Codecs entry.
  3. In the table to the right, find LPCM in the left column.
  4. Now click the right column, where it says disabled and change it to enabled.
  5. Click OK and you're done.

Note: this process is not needed anymore since CCCP7 (2005-12-21).

Why no more AVI/OGM?

Matroska produces smaller files in addition to supporting all the features of OGM and more. The format is also still being developed in contrast to AVI where they only figure out more and more unique hacks to add features.

What is a subpack?

A release with a subpack generally contains an AVI file named something.dub.avi, an MP3/AAC with the Japanese audio and the subtitles with the endings ifo, idx and sub (all required for them to work, basically VobSub format). These were often played with MicroDVD player and the audio often went out of sync. Some releases also had small something.sub.avi files which were linked to the other files which made playback much better and simpler. They stop working if you install DirectX 8.1 or later, something you should do to make all the other files play properly.

What's that AC3 modpack thing?

It's a pack created to replace the audio of an encode with the original AC3 audio which allows it to be output to receivers that do not support other input formats. Only get it if you know you need it or want a slightly higher sound quality.

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