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Created late October as part of a minor side-project, the group has evolved into becoming a major project, to provide Vocaloid fans with high quality music PVs. Anime projects have also been a part of the group, with the first anime OVA release - 'Black Rock Shooter'.

Currently releases in H.264, XviD versions, and softsubs in Matroska.


  • ★ damesuke - Translator, perfectionist.
  • ★ pkjd - Blogger, Editor, Timer, Quality Check, Projects Manager/Co-founder. Goes Loli hunting 6pm-4am EST.
  • ★ j.a.b - Our first Translator. Likes to eat. A lot.
  • ★ Mirunai - Translator. Epic fan of Touhou.
  • ★ Silent_K - Our first 'white' Translator.
  • ★ soundares - Legendary Translator.
  • ★ Starmaker - Very efficient Timer, Distribution man.
  • ★ Saito-Kun - Typesetter, Encoder, General Styling Perfectionist. Co-founder.
  • ★ Yumeka - Quality Checker + Blogger.

External Links

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