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The Combined Community Codec Pack

The CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) is a DirectShow filter pack. Read a basic introduction on our FAQ page.

Main features of this wiki are:

To help find what you're looking for you can also read the Table of Categories or a list of all pages.

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We are always looking for helpful beta testers. Read the beta testing guide.


  • 2015-10-18: It's been a long time coming, but yes, there finally is a new release, code name "Raise Your Flag", this time in 2 flavours!
    • Download 64-bit or 32-bit version for Windows Vista - Windows 7 - Windows 8.x - Windows 10
    • Updated components:
      • LAV Filters
      • MPC-HC
      • xy-VSFilter
    • Complete change log will follow.
  • 2014-07-13: Somewhat overtime, but a new release - code name "Manatsu" (Midsummer) - has been released. As always, it contains fixes and optimizations found and done during the last release cycle.
    • ! Known Issue ! Due to file parsing optimization done in xy-VSFilter, reading of external subtitle files that are not saved as unicode is borked by default in CCCP, and non-ASCII symbols will get broken in this case. As a workaround, if you tend to play such files, it is recommended that you enable the internal subtitle renderer in MPC-HC (View→Options→Playback→Use the built-in subtitle renderer) ! Known Issue !
      • This bug was never noticed by any of the CCCP crew, or the testers, until very late in the release cycle, and thus it was chosen that the release would be done with this known issue instead of either waiting more, or suddenly switching binaries around.
      • The plan is to have a new release soon'ish after this, and until then the workaround should be enough.
    • Updated components:
      • LAV Filters
      • MPC-HC 1.7.6 (master@ebc29cf)
      • xy-VSFilter 3.0.0."305" (git 7f6a318)
    • General change log:
      • MPC-HC
        • MPC-HC no longer crashes during quick seeks with PGS subpictures when the internal subtitle renderer was used. Did not affect CCCP defaults.
        • Anamorphic ASS is now handled correctly in the internal subtitle renderer. This is one of the oldest standing bugs there were regarding the ISR, and we all thank kasper93 for the effort he put into fixing this after Daemon404 successfully trolled people regarding it.
        • The Play→Filters filter listing can now be easily copied to the clipboard, there is now a button for that in the top of the listing.
        • UI language selection has been moved to the options in MPC-HC.
        • Minor fixes and improvements in general.
      • LAV
        • PGS subpicture parsing improved in LAV Splitter.
        • LAV Video now supports VP7 video (for the two of you out there with samples).
        • LAV Video can now use the Media Foundation WMV9 decoder instead of the old DMO decoder.
        • FFmpeg used in LAV now uses native win32 threads instead of a pthreads wrapper.
        • Various fixes included in the updated FFmpeg.
      • xy-VSFilter
        • Various ASS parsing improvements by Plorkyeran. These also remove the A (ANSI/non-unicode code page) Windows API usage, which also breaks non-unicode subtitle parsing. As noted, MPC-HC's internal subtitle renderer should be used instead in case you play such files.
        • Loading of UUEncoded fonts from ASS files is fixed.
        • A possible out-of-bounds array access was fixed. This has been in the code for more than a year, and no-one noticed it. It seems that no-one has subtitle files with UTF-8 data that end up in this area of glyphs (or the rest of the code actually makes the bug impossible to happen).
        • Vobsub fixes that replace the old MPC-BE hackfix. Should lead to similar results as with the old hackfix, unfortunately. In MPC-HC these changes actually add proper fadein/-out.

Older news in the News Archive

Latest CCCP (aka. Download Here!)

To make linking easier, and avoid broken links, we've replaced the mirrors with a script that selects a random mirror for you. If the mirror that gets selected is slow or down, cancel the download and hit the download link again and you'll get a new mirror.

  • Download 64-bit or 32-bit version for Windows Vista - Windows 7 - Windows 8.x - Windows 10

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the pack.
  2. If you know for certain that you do not have any other codec packs currently installed you may skip this step. Otherwise if you are unsure if you have other codec packs installed follow these instructions : Download CCCP Insurgent (CCCPI) (see below) and run it. The Codec/Filter Packs list should be filled with any codec packs that you currently have or might have had installed at one time on your computer. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs and uninstall all the packs that were listed by CCCPI. Those that are marked with Uninstalled are no longer on your computer, so don't look for them. Confirm with "Yes to all" if you are asked whether to delete certain files or not. If you are asked whether you want to reboot then reboot, but after that come back to the Add/Remove Programs list and continue removing any packs listed as Installed. Do not touch the "Register Filter" and "Unregister Filter" buttons!
  3. Uninstall any other individual codecs and filters in Add/Remove Programs (like DirectVobSub, ffdshow, CoreVorbis, CoreAAC, etc.) You can keep DivX or XviD if you want to, or if you plan on encoding with DivX or XviD. They won't interfere with CCCP, so don't worry. You can also uninstall them now and install them after CCCP, it doesn't matter. However, they won't be used for decoding unless you change some settings - read about it here. CCCP is only a playback solution, so that is why you need to have DivX or XviD if you plan on encoding in those formats. Note: do not touch anything you didn't install yourself, or anything you're unsure about. When in doubt, ask in #cccp or on the forums.
  4. Reboot. IMPORTANT! Don't skip it because you are lazy.
  5. Install the CCCP. Be sure the Reset all settings option (at the end of the installation) is checked. If you are interested in changing the default settings, read the FAQ's and other documentation below.
  6. Watch anime and be happy. Or if it still doesn't work, read the Troubleshooting Guide. THEN watch anime and be happy.

Switching from 32-bit to 64-bit

  1. Uninstall the 32-bit version.
  2. Install the 64-bit version.
  3. Watch anime and be happy. Or if it still doesn't work, read the Troubleshooting Guide. THEN watch anime and be happy.
  • Something to remember, the 64-bit version of LAV and MPC-HC do not share their settings with their 32-bit counterpart, therefore personal tweaks to both of these will not follow.

Latest CCCP Insurgent

Another new Insurgent for the New Year! New features and lots, and lots of bugs have been fixed.

CCCP Insurgent is strictly to help you through troubleshooting media playback problems.

More information

IRC Channel

If you have any questions, then please visit the CCCP IRC channel - #CCCP on Webchat is also available here.

FAQ's, guides and other CCCP documentation

We have accumulated vast amounts of knowledge over time, and most of it can be found here on the wiki. To make it easier to find what you're looking for, we've split it up into several smaller sections.

  • Media Players - Information and notes on various video players. Has been updated somewhat lately.
  • Troubleshooting Guide (Outdated, except for the known issues list) - This is where you go when you have playback problems (beware, other than the known issues part, it has a lot of outdated information).
  • FAQ (Outdated) - Lots of general questions. Everything from basic information on what the CCCP is, over explanations of what those MKV files are, and what those cryptic settings in the Settings Manager mean, to how to switch subtitles and audio. Lots of outdated content.
  • Advanced FAQ (Outdated) - The page for the geeks. Advanced information on ffdshow and decoder tweaks, why the CCCP does what it does, and how it does it.
  • Old FAQ - Old, outdated questions kept for the sake of completeness. For the students of history, and people trying to play really old files.

Combined Community Codec Pack

CCCP FAQ's and documentation: Troubleshooting guide | Frequently Asked Questions | Documentation and FAQ about players | Technical documentation | Older information

Other CCCP-related pages: News archive | Banners and other graphics | Custom MPC logos | Beta testing guide | Add your group to the CCCP!