Issues:Thumbnails/Previews for MKV/MP4/OGM

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Description: You get Thumbnails for AVIs but not for MKV or MP4 or OGM or TS files.

Problem: This setting is not turned on in the CCCP by default. However in all current CCCP builds the feature exists at install to Enable Thumbnails, which will do all of the following automatically. This guide exists as a manual reference for historical purposes.

Solution: Turning on Thumbnails for the above formats is quite simple. It requires you to only follow these three steps.

  • Download this registry file and double click it to apply to your registry. Edit it in notepad or another text editor so you can assure yourself it is not an attempt by the Soviets to takeover.
  • Enter the command prompt by going to Start->Run->cmd (hit enter). Then direct yourself to the "Combined Community Codec Pack\Filters\Haali" directory. Assuming you installed to the default location:
cd "C:\Program Files\Combined Community Codec Pack\Filters\Haali"

In this directory type the following

regsvr32.exe mmfinfo.dll

You should see a confirmation window that the registration was successful.

  • Finally go to Start->Programs->Combined Community Codec Pack->Haali Media Splitter Settings. In the settings goto the Options tab (2nd tab) and expand Explorer integration. Now here simply change the dropdown to Yes for Enable thumbnails extraction. Also note you can select an offset which will go into the video X number of frames to extract a thumbnail.

Now you should be able to immediately open an Explorer window and start viewing Thumbnails. This will only effect thumbnail generation for MKV, MP4, OGM, and TS files. AVI thumbnail generation is handled by Microsoft's filter (shmedia.dll), and should remain that way.

Removal: If by chance explorer.exe immidiately starts crashing for you after turning these features on, it likely means you do not have the CCCP correctly installed. You will find little support for getting thumbnails to work from anyone, so your best option is to simply turn off thumbnails for MKV/MP4/OGM. To do this enter the command prompt once again and goto the "CCCP\Filters" directory and type the following:

regsvr32.exe /u mmfinfo.dll

You should also remove the registry entries which were added by the registry file (if you don't remember what they were go look again), however once you unregister mmfinfo.dll they should have no effect at all. If you are still having trouble with Thumbnails it most assuredly means you have the CCCP installed incorrectly and you need to be reading this article.