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Description: How to manually integrate the Haali Media Splitter with explorer's shell. This guide should not be required with recent CCCP builds because Haali integration was added as an installation feature (under the name Enable Shell Extensions), this guide simply remains for historical knowledge. Haali's shell integration contains a few modest features which are: information about the file in the Status Bar, Tooltips, Task Panel, and also a Media tab under the File Properties. As shown in this guide it is primarily for Matroska Media, however it may also work for OGM and MP4 files.

Instructions: Unfortunately adding shell integration is not as simple as it should be because of the fact that on any individual computer filetypes may be associated to different names. Thus there is no one generic way to apply it for everyone unless they were forced beforehand by said application/install/etc trying to setup shell integration. Microsoft can be thanked for this! It will take a small amount of registry browsing in order to correctly set up Matroska shell integration. You can also set up thumbnail/preview support at the same time because it will go hand in hand with shell integration.

.mkv file association.
  • Download the Shell Integration registry file but do not apply it to your registry yet. You may also download the Thumbnail registry file to allow thumbnail/preview support, which can be applied to your registry immidiately.
  • Now to locate how Matroska files are associated on your computer. Open up the Registry Editor by going to Start->Run->regedit (hit enter).
  • Expand the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder and goto the .mkv entry. Ctrl+F can help you find it very quickly.
  • The first registry string in the .mkv folder should be labeled (Default). You need to find its value, which can either be done by double clicking the entry or reading the value for it under the Data column. Ex. as shown in picture the entry is ZPMKVFile.
  • Open up the "Haali.Matroska.Shell.Integration.reg" registry file in notepad or another text editor. Now you have to replace the the MatroskaVideo name with the one you just found above. Ex. if the (Default) entry in your registry read ZPMKVFile, you would switch the first path so it would look like this:

If you wish to add shell integration for any other formats known to work with the Haali Media Splitter, follow the same basic instructions as above. First looking for the extension within HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and locating what name the filetype is associated with. Then copy the same registry keys that were used with Matroska to that filetype.

  • Finally to finish up the shell integration. Enter the command prompt by going to Start->Run->cmd (hit enter). Then direct yourself to the "Combined Community Codec Pack\Filters" directory. Assuming you installed to the default location:
cd "C:\Program Files\Combined Community Codec Pack\Filters"

In this directory type the following

regsvr32.exe mmfinfo.dll

You should see a confirmation window that the registration was successful.

  • Fin.

Now if you turn on the Task Panel and/or Status Bar you will see the extra information displayed. Also if the Tooltips option is disabled in explorer, Tooltips will obviously not be displayed. The explorer Tooltip option is located in Tools->Folder Options->View (tab)->Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items. Also if you have applied the Thumbnail registry file, you can turn on Enable thumbnails extraction in Haali Media Splitter Settings and you will get a thumbnail in the Task Panel's Detail area.

Removal: In the extremely weird case that you think Matroska shell integration (or Thumbnails) is causing issues for you with explorer.exe or Windows in general, all you have to do is unregister mmfinfo.dll. The command to do this is:

regsvr32.exe /u mmfinfo.dll

Within the "CCCP\Filters" folder once again. You should also remove the registry entries added by the registry file (go look at it again if you forgot what they were), but it is not required to do so and should have no effect whatsoever once you unregstier mmfinfo.dll.

Example of how Matroska shell integration should look. Also for any Matroska Media you will see an extra tab when looking at the file's properties. You can currently extract attachments from here.

What it should look like with shell integration.

Other nifty feature