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How to use this page: First, look through the lists of common issues. If you see something that looks like your problem, try following the instructions and see if it helps. If it didn't, proceed with the general troubleshooting steps described below. If that still doesn't solve it, go to the CCCP IRC Channel or post on the playback help forums to get help.

A final caveat: if only one file is broken, it's probably not the CCCP! If one file won't play while others from the same series or group will, it's unlikely the CCCP is stuffing up, more likely the file is corrupted or somesuch.

Currently known issues

The current (2013-11-24) release has the following known issues:

  • Because of the removal of FFDShow-tryouts, the general merit level of filters used is quite low. This can lead to various third-party filters coming and hijacking the playback chain. You can check what is getting used by looking at the Play->Filters menu in MPC-HC.

General Troubleshooting Steps

General steps to try:

  1. Check to see if the problem is already detailed in the list above! You don't want to go through this list only to discover you need to enable audio downmixing or uncheck a box in your video card config.
  2. If it's just one or a few files that are having problems, try verifying that they are not corrupted by CRC-checking them. Learn how to CRC check your files here.
    1. If you are still downloading the file, make sure the download finishes before trying again. This is especially important for BitTorrent downloads - those are NEVER finished until the WHOLE torrent download is finished, no matter what it looks like!
  3. Test with the included Media Player Classic Home Cinema. Other players might have different funkiness.
  4. Try a reboot. Everybody knows that a simple reboot will fix all your problems ever.
  5. Try reinstalling the CCCP. Everybody also knows that for every problem rebooting doesn't fix, reinstallation does.
  6. If you don't know much about computers and still have a problem, you should probably just skip to the last step and ask us a question on the forums or on IRC.
    1. Check if you have DirectX 9 or later installed. If this doesn't make any sense to you, or if you aren't sure if you have it or not, just get the latest version from Microsoft. You can find it here.
    2. Try updating your graphics / sound card drivers (depending on where the problem is). If your graphics drivers are the latest version, try rolling back to older drivers. Still not working? You're a tricky one aren't you.
  7. When all else fails, ask a question on the forums or hop onto IRC. We are there to help you.

Common problems

Below is a list of common problems, sorted by category. There's also a list of all issues, if you want that instead.