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Exactly what is the CCCP Insurgent?

CCCP Insurgent (CCCPI) is a program that is able to detect other playback packs and thus help you (and us) in the troubleshooting process. It has a number of diagnostics features, as well as some power tools to manage DirectShow filters. The only part of it the causual user should be using is the leftmost column, that displays any other codec packs detected on your system. The other parts are probably too obscure to be useful for most users. Tools -> Test render... and Tools -> CRC check... are pretty straightforward, but still mostly useful for people helping others with playback problems. Note that the "Unregister filter" and "Register filter" buttons should NOT be used unless you are very sure about what you're doing!

Where to get it

Use this link to get it.

Currently scans for the following Packs

Codec packs.PNG
  • ACE Mega CoDecS Pack
  • Anime-Legion Playback Pack
  • AVI Codec Pack Plus
  • AVI Codec Pack Lite
  • Baka-Anime Codec Pack
  • BoliGego Codec Manager
  • Codec
  • Codec Pack All in 1
  • Cole2k Media Audio Pack
  • Cole2k Media Codec Pack
  • Combined Community Codec Pack
  • DJBCP Codec Pack
  • DJBCP Codec Pack Light
  • DefilerPak
  • DivX Total Pack
  • DonGato's Filter Pack
  • HelDecPack
  • KickAssAnime Playback Pack
  • K-Lite Codec Pack
  • Lazy Man's MKV
  • Matroska Pack
  • MUSK Codec Pack
  • MUSK Codec Pack Lite
  • Nimo Codec Pack
  • Satsuki Decoder Pack
  • SLD Codec Pack
  • The Codecs
  • The Codecs Lite
  • Tsunami Codec & Filter Pack
  • Tzim's Lite Codec Pack
  • X Codec Pack
  • XP Codec Pack
  • Zhentarim DivX Playback Pack

Waiting for movax for full update

Future Additions

  • More troubleshooting tools...?

If you know of any other Codec/Filter Packs you believe should be listed, contact Nicholi or movax with the proper information. (A-L|Nicholi and movax on IRC preferably.)



Located in the file menu, this will save basic computer information (OS, CPU, DirectX, Video Card/Drivers, Sound Card/Drivers), test renders, and a list of (previously) installed codec packs and all the directshow filters to a file on your computer. This log is useful for troubleshooting.

Test Render

Under the tools menu. Another troubleshooting thingy.

CRC Check

The Insurgent can check the CRC of files, this option is under the tools menu again.