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This is a complete guide with screenshots on how to install THE PREFERRED codec pack known as CCCP to your computer. CCCP is made only for Windows 2k/XP/Vista and you can't install it to any other operation system (not even with WINE). If you have older operation system (Win95/98/ME) then you need to download older version of the CCCP which still supports those operation systems. The file can be found here.

First thing you need to do is to run CCCP Insurgent to check if your computer contains any other codec packs. You can grab it from here. After the download is finished, just run it. You should see window similar to this opening on your screen:


Now as you can see: There are three boxes which shows what codec packs / codecs your system has. At this point you need only to focus on the left box as it shows what codec packs you have installed. In this example I have K-Lite Codec Pack installed on my computer and it needs to be uninstalled before you can install CCCP. You need to uninstall every pack which shows on that left box and your computer may (or may not) have many of them installed so go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add or remove programs and find those packs and uninstall them completely. After you have done that, close and run Insurgent one more time to be sure that the packs were uninstalled properly.

After that we are ready to install CCCP so go and grab it here. Just run it after it has been downloaded. When the installation window pops: click next till you have finished the whole thing, you don't need to change anything at this point. When the installation is finished, a window should pop out which should be similar to this:

[Note] Before the Settings window opens, there may come some pop ups where CCCP asks you if it can disable some codecs / filters as they may (and most likely will) interfere with codecs which comes bundled with CCCP. Just answer yes if these warnings pop up.


In this window you usually don't need to do anything but if you know that you have CoreAVC installed and you want to use it instead of FFDShow as a preferred H.264 decoder then untick H.264 from the FFDShow decoder list. You can also untick FFDShow Video / Audio tray icons if you dont want them to show on your taskbar when playing video file.

[NOTE] This is only for owners of multi-speaker setup. If you have 5.1 speaker setup (or similar) and you want to use them, then change FFDShow Audio Settings to 3/0/2+LFE 5.1 channels or any other combination that suits your need. Also you need to untick AC3 and DTS Dynamic Range Compression if you are going to use your multi-speaker setup.

Now you are ready to go to the next page which should look like this:


This is where you can change file associations to your preferred player. CCCP comes bundled with two exceptional good players which have been tested thoroughly to work with this pack: Media Player Classic & Zoomplayer. You can choose either of them from the drop-down list to make sure the file you want to play is opened in the player of your choice. After that you just click apply and your CCCP is now properly configured.

This section contains links on what is under the hood of CCCP, troubleshooting and how to configure some of the more exotic systems like if you have speakers which use S/PDIF audio connection.

Frequently Asked Questions
Troubleshooting Guide
Technical Documentation / Advanced FAQ

Also if you have problems and you don't know what to do then drop by in our Support Channel or post them to our Forums. We will gladly help you with your playback problems.