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There's nothing too difficult about asking a good question. The fact you are reading this at all means that at the very least, you care. This is a Good Thing, because it means you'll soak this up like a sponge and remember it.

A Quick Note On Guides To Asking Good Questions:

The seminal guide How To Ask Questions The Smart Way is a nice guide, a very good one. There are two problems however:
  • It's big, and
  • It's out of date.
There are very few, if any, newbs who would read such a weighty tome as that, and the out-of-dateness is a minor quirk in some parts and a major annoyance in others. Obviously, a smaller, more accessible version relevant to this site needs to be created. Here it is. No, just kidding. Here it is:

How to ask Good Questions about the CCCP

There are only five things you need to do.

  1. Firstly, have you gone through the list of things to do over at the issues main page? If you have or you will, great job, you're smarter than 90% of the people reading this already.
  2. Work out exactly what happens. Don't just say "the video doesn't work", say "the image is doubled, upside down and cut in half".
  3. Work out what files don't work. Is it one particular series? Is it all files with Vorbis audio? If you aren't sure exactly what the terms are, don't worry. Just get as much information as you can.
  4. Download the CCCP Insurgent and do a test render on one of the broken files. Save the result somewhere so you can post later.
  5. Use the Insurgent to save a log too.

Congrats! You've gotten all the information you need to post a good question. Post all this and anything else we ask and may good fortune be upon you!