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Darkhold (IRC channel). WARNING - Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

Darkhold is a Zhentarim-DivX spinoff, but now a seperate entity (in the event of criminal charges, Zhentarim will disavow all knowledge and responsibility.)

Please note: Any damage caused to your person through entrance to that which is #darkhold is your sole responsibility, the CCCP cannot be help responsible for loss of limbs, attack by lions or warming of your beer caused by entering #darkhold. You have been warned.

Darkhold Accord

        |\               ,,   ,,          ,,  |\
         \\    _         ||   ||          ||   \\
        / \\  < \, ,._-_ ||/\ ||/\\  /'\\ ||  / \\
       || ||  /-||  ||   ||_< || || || || || || ||
       || || (( ||  ||   || | || || || || || || ||
        \\/   \/\\  \\,  \\,\ \\ |/ \\,/  \\  \\/
        :: abandon all hope, ye who enter here ::

              -- The Darkhold Accord --

    There is no God, for the Christians claim he will
   undo all evil yet there is nothing more evil than
   #darkhold. The existence of the channel alone is 
   proof that there resides some sinister, inner
   demon in all of us that beckons us to join and
   feast on the comments of poor newbies.

    Many have been seen entering #darkhold and have
   not been heard of ever since. Some say they were
   taken by Myrsloik for his "experiments", some say
   they may have gotten involved in some clandestine
   plot to take over the world. The only thing that
   is known for sure is that you should always watch
   your back while idling, for you are in grave danger
   of becoming the next victim of the Gizmotech Brain-
   wedgie. One look at that avs and you will never be
   the same person again..

"In the beginning there was darkness and void. And then
The Encoder said 'BlankClip(color=$FFFFFF)' and there was 
light. The Encoder looked upon the light and saw that it 
was good, for it was RGB32."

(although there has been some debate over the Encoder's
choice of container, since Life doesn't support any form
of rewinding.)