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Author Topic: New CCCP Win8/Win7/Vista/XP Release! (2012-12-30)  (Read 22377 times)


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New CCCP Win8/Win7/Vista/XP Release! (2012-12-30)
« on: December 30, 2012, 03:31:45 PM »

New CCCP Win8/Win7/Vista/XP Release! (2012-12-30)

On this day before the new year's eve, we have released again! And no, we are not dead. This release is one containing probably one of the biggest if not the biggest change sets in the history of this playback pack. A new rewrite-filled CCCP for Win8/Win7/Vista/XP, codename "Life After Mad Movax" (LAMM)!

As this update contains quite a few rather large changes, if you at any point need to grab the previous release, it, with some minor script-related fixes, is available from here.
  • Updated components:
    • LAV Filters
    • MPC-HC (lite, doesn't contain internal filters)
    • xy-VSFilter
    • removed FFDShow-tryouts
    • removed Gabest's MPEG-2 decoder
  • General changelog:
    • FFDShow and its continuation, FFDShow-tryouts are now away, and instead we have pretty much everything except for Matroska splitting based on nevcairiel's LAV Filters.
    • The old NSIS-based settings application is now also gone, and currently there is an Inno-based solution which bases on two separate settings applications; one handles user space, and the other handles system-wide settings (administrative rights needed). We would love to hear opinions and possible bug reports on it.
      • This will most probably be used at the very least until XP's support will end. But at least no-one thinks that "there should be no releases before it is rewritten in something saner."
    • WebM is now properly handled by LAV because Haali fails at it for whatever reason unless you use his renderer.
    • LAV Video handles video decoding, and LAV Audio handles audio decoding. If you need hardware accelerated decoding, use LAV's. MPC-HC's "lite" version does not contain the internal DXVA filter (which is in all ways inferior to LAV's). There are still some quirks because of remnants of Haali still needed, and because of the newness of LAV, but in general it should work.
      • One thing that no longer works by default is TrueHD when used with Haali (in other words, Matroska). This is very unfortunate, but thankfully there is a relatively simple way to have those files play by switching to LAV for splitting.
      • In this case you should open the settings application, open the system settings application from it, and check the MKV checkbox from it on the LAV side. This will switch to LAV for all Matroska files (segment linking and editions do not work, but otherwise it should work fine).
    • We now use xy-VSFilter instead of MPC-HC VSFilter. For now xy-VSFilter gives the greatest performance for end users, and in general it renders things well. This is in line with the recent change of Aegisub's towards xy-VSFilter as well.
    • MPC-HC has been updated, and many fixes, including MadVR related ones, are included.
      • CCCP now uses MPC-HC's update check mechanism to check for new CCCP updates.
      • The build will write memory dumps when it crashes. These are useful for debugging, and help in finding reasons to problems related to MPC-HC.
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