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Author Topic: New CCCP Win7/Vista/XP Release! (2011-11-11)  (Read 40162 times)


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New CCCP Win7/Vista/XP Release! (2011-11-11)
« on: November 11, 2011, 06:52:31 AM »

New CCCP Win7/Vista/XP Release! (2011-11-11)

And new components are here! Thanks to Nevcairiel we now have much better ISO Media Container (also known as mp4, based on mov), FLV, MPEG-TS parsing and splitting. Thus, a brand new LAV'd CCCP for Win7/Vista/XP, codename "Redundantly Redundant Redundancy"!
  • Updated components:
    • FFDShow-tryouts 1.1.3996
    • Haali (2011-09-09)
    • LAV Filters 0.39.6bfdb44
    • MPC-HC
    • VSFilter 2.40.3819.3
  • General changelog:
    • LAV Filters included. LAV Splitter is used for certain formats where Haali was lacking and where Gabest's FLV Splitter was used. LAV Video and Audio are off by default for the time being, but can be enabled if the user so wishes. Since H.264 decoding with LAV can be very much useful, it has its own checkbox in the CCCP settings application.
    • FLV Splitter, CoreWavpack removed. FLV will be split by LAV Splitter, and wavpack will be decoded by -tryouts, as libavcodec's wavpack decoder now supports all of the funnier parts of wavpack thanks to Daemon404 herping a derp at the libavcodec developers. Raw wavpack splitting not possible with default CCCP any more, and we recommend users to either use a proper audio player for that sort of thing, or mux the stream into a container.
    • After poking the libavcodec developers with the two types of samples that failed with the ffaac AAC decoder, those are now fixed. This includes things like gg's Moshidora and overall AAC channel count changes in transport streams. The first kind of files are actually broken, but they worked with faad2, so the decoder was adapted to not scream and stop with them.
    • DXVA settings removed from the settings app. It touched -tryouts DXVA which never really worked as well as MPC-HC's. If you absolutely, positively want to use DXVA -- we recommend enabling it in MPC-HC. Not that it is any more recommended than earlier.
    • Overall installer/settings application updates.
    • Start menu entry reordered, now FFDShow and LAV have their own folders, and "Filters" was renamed to "Other Filters".
    • MPC-HC's mpciconlib.dll removed. The default icons as well as our original icons both had their problems, and the mpciconlib library isn't exactly small. Now there will be one MPC-HC icon used for all media files, and most sizes should be there. We are open for suggestions on icons and related things.
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