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 on: September 19, 2014, 12:26:25 PM 
Started by Mechwarrior21 - Last post by Mechwarrior21
I've recently updated some items on my comp and now all my anime have a green screen. The audio is fine but all i see is a green screen.

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Insurgent Log:
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Any help would be appreciated.

 on: September 19, 2014, 09:50:36 AM 
Started by void - Last post by Idaho
You can try enable "Use the built-in subtitle renderer" under View-> Options-> Playback. The option wasn't previously enabled but it seems to be more strict now.

As I had the same problem like the user above, this solution really helped me, too. Sort of. Because enabling the inner renderer disables at the same time VSfilter. So my goal to have two subtitles in a movie for proofreading a translation, like I did before, has failed.

 on: September 16, 2014, 04:47:37 PM 
Started by Stoner - Last post by Stoner
that makes a reasonable bit of sense, after all it seems to only happen once just wonder if there is a fix for it on MPC as it seems like there is one on VLC.

 on: September 16, 2014, 03:59:55 AM 
Started by Stoner - Last post by ninjamask
This could prolly be a fault from Windows.

I had and have the same problem.

The problem is some Adobe font related .dll which Windows uses internally and never fixed. (This is not related to any installed Adobe software; this .dll is part of any Windows version.)

Fresh boot: Open a mkv with subtitles ... the .dll which handles fonts gets into action ... since its the first boot it has to cache all fonts, so it searchs all fonts you have on your PC ... and here the hang up happens cause this includes scanning all Windows Update packages (on Windows Vista with all available updates my sytem freezes for ~30 seconds) ... now the video starts.

2nd time: starts fast, cause the font information is cached till next reboot

 on: September 15, 2014, 11:30:31 PM 
Started by Stoner - Last post by Stoner
basically certain mkvs make the system hang for a few seconds when opening.. it generally happens only once per boot... in fact lve reported this problem before.

however one thing lve noticed is it started happening when l changed to the evr renderer.. another one was originally selected before but l had to change it after some files just showed a black screen after opening. admittedly lm using an older version of CCCP because the last time l tried an upgraded version l couldnt get the sound to fill my 5.1 speakers like l can with the ffdshow settings.

unless someone can give me a complete walkthrough of setting up cccp so sound fills all my speakers ld prefer to stick with the outdated cccp as the sound is pretty weird just coming from my front speakers and not my rear ones as well..

 on: September 14, 2014, 04:20:32 PM 
Started by ishardtofindaname - Last post by namaiki
When you have the video open in MPC-HC as above, could you please tell me what items are listed in the Play-> Filters menu?

 on: September 13, 2014, 10:24:56 PM 
Started by ishardtofindaname - Last post by ishardtofindaname
"You already ticked 'use built in subtitle renderer' as above and it still doesn't work?"
yes is work but...

is work but only full screen mode (Alt+Enter).

if i use windows mode.

the subtitle is cut off.

perhaps in next update can fix this?
sorry for late replay thank u namaiki.

 on: September 12, 2014, 02:25:24 PM 
Started by JEEB - Last post by n99
Another problem:

When playing an MP3 with an associated cover, moving the player around is very slow and choppy with cover image file sizes of 400KB and more (JPEG). The actual sound played doesn#t have any problems. My system is fast enough to play any 720p content without problems, btw.

 on: September 10, 2014, 02:27:54 PM 
Started by JEEB - Last post by n99
Showing the Options menu of the new Beta while playing video was very slow, especially when a lot of RAM was used. This was not the case with the versions before that. You can especially see that with the blue bar at the top of each submenu.

 on: September 06, 2014, 07:43:49 PM 
Started by JEEB - Last post by cyberbeing
Yeah, the official builds still have the sanity check that we came up with, and then decided it was too easy to go over it with "relatively sane" content. I should really start pushing that patch to the upstream harder :P.

<kasper93> <@JEEB> kasper93, do note that we disable the sanity check. <<<< Yeah, and this is only thing keeping it from crashing.
<kasper93> atlTraceGeneral - Error in Rasterizer::ScanConvert: size (513382x63029) is too big
<kasper93> Indeed it is ;p I'm looking if this size is correct. It might be bogus.

I heard you before, but this doesn't make much sense. XySubFilter has never included any sort of sanity check, and it doesn't crash or use any significant amount of memory on that script. xy-VSFilter from CCCP doesn't have any issues either, while it uses the same version of your commit which crashes the ISR, right? I mean if you look at the lines around 01:52, it's just text with some simple tags. There is nothing there which should be massive enough to trigger MPC-HC's sanity check, so it must be a bug or something otherwise inefficient within the ISR code. I'd suspect it has something to do with how the MPC-HC ISR handles dirty rectangles with \move tags, but that is only speculation.

Code: [Select]
Dialogue: 4,0:01:46.41,0:01:51.16,OP1-Romaji,,0,0,0,,{\bord3\pos(1260,20)\fad(150,150)\an9\blur4\3c&HFFFFFF&\c&HFFFFFF&\t(2691,2691,\3c&HA184CB&\1c&HA184CB&)\t(3275,3275,\3c&H56413C&\1c&H56413C&)\t(3817,3817,\3c&H7E9EED&\1c&H7E9EED&)\t(4276,4276,\3c&H4E5B99&\1c&H4E5B99&)}hiku ni hikenai sorezore no jijou
Dialogue: 5,0:01:46.41,0:01:51.16,OP1-English,,0,0,0,,{\bord0\pos(1260,66)\fad(150,150)\an9\blur0.5\c&H2659FF&\t(564,981,\1c&H6130FF&)\t(2691,2691,\1c&HFFFFFF&)}We all have reasons why we can't back down
Dialogue: 5,0:01:46.41,0:01:51.16,OP1-Romaji,,0,0,0,,{\bord0\pos(1260,20)\fad(150,150)\an9\blur0.5\c&H2659FF&\t(564,981,\1c&H6130FF&)\t(2691,2691,\1c&HFFFFFF&)}hiku ni hikenai sorezore no jijou
Dialogue: 4,0:01:51.17,0:01:51.41,OP1-English2,,0,0,0,,{\bord3\an2\blur4\move(0,700,640,700,0,150)\fry60\fad(150,0)\3c&H627C91&\c&H627C91&\t(0,150,\fry0)}But I can't have it any other way (He's so simple)
Dialogue: 4,0:01:51.17,0:01:51.41,OP1-Romaji2,,0,0,0,,{\bord3\an8\blur4\move(0,20,640,20,0,150)\fry60\fad(150,0)\3c&H627C91&\c&H627C91&\t(0,150,\fry0)}hoka ni nani mo kangaerannai (massugu de)
Dialogue: 5,0:01:51.17,0:01:51.41,OP1-English2,,0,0,0,,{\bord0\an2\blur0.5\move(0,700,640,700,0,150)\fry60\t(0,150,\fry0)\fad(150,0)}But I can't have it any other way (He's so simple)
Dialogue: 5,0:01:51.17,0:01:51.41,OP1-Romaji2,,0,0,0,,{\bord0\an8\blur0.5\move(0,20,640,20,0,150)\fry60\t(0,150,\fry0)\fad(150,0)}hoka ni nani mo kangaerannai (massugu de)
Dialogue: 4,0:01:51.41,0:01:53.99,OP1-English2,,0,0,0,,{\bord3\an2\blur4\move(640,700,1280,700,2430,2830)\fry0\fad(0,150)\3c&H627C91&\c&H627C91&\t(2430,2830,\fry-60)}But I can't have it any other way (He's so simple)
Dialogue: 4,0:01:51.41,0:01:53.99,OP1-Romaji2,,0,0,0,,{\bord3\an8\blur4\move(640,20,1280,20,2430,2830)\fry0\fad(0,150)\3c&H627C91&\c&H627C91&\t(2430,2830,\fry-60)}hoka ni nani mo kangaerannai (massugu de)
Dialogue: 5,0:01:51.41,0:01:53.99,OP1-English2,,0,0,0,,{\bord0\an2\blur0.5\move(640,700,1280,700,2430,2830)\fry0\t(2430,2830,\fry-60)\fad(0,150)}But I can't have it any other way (He's so simple)
Dialogue: 5,0:01:51.41,0:01:53.99,OP1-Romaji2,,0,0,0,,{\bord0\an8\blur0.5\move(640,20,1280,20,2430,2830)\fry0\t(2430,2830,\fry-60)\fad(0,150)}hoka ni nani mo kangaerannai (massugu de)
Dialogue: 4,0:01:53.99,0:01:54.24,OP1-English2,,0,0,0,,{\bord3\an2\blur4\move(0,700,640,700,0,150)\fry60\fad(150,0)\3c&H627C91&\c&H627C91&\t(0,150,\fry0)}So I can't look away for even a second (But he's so dense)
Dialogue: 4,0:01:53.99,0:01:54.24,OP1-Romaji2,,0,0,0,,{\bord3\an8\blur4\move(0,20,640,20,0,150)\fry60\fad(150,0)\3c&H627C91&\c&H627C91&\t(0,150,\fry0)}isshun datte yosomi dekinai (nibui ne)
Dialogue: 5,0:01:53.99,0:01:54.24,OP1-English2,,0,0,0,,{\bord0\an2\blur0.5\move(0,700,640,700,0,150)\fry60\t(0,150,\fry0)\fad(150,0)}So I can't look away for even a second (But he's so dense)
Dialogue: 5,0:01:53.99,0:01:54.24,OP1-Romaji2,,0,0,0,,{\bord0\an8\blur0.5\move(0,20,640,20,0,150)\fry60\t(0,150,\fry0)\fad(150,0)}isshun datte yosomi dekinai (nibui ne)
Dialogue: 4,0:01:54.24,0:01:56.61,OP1-English2,,0,0,0,,{\bord3\an2\blur4\move(640,700,1280,700,2220,2620)\fry0\fad(0,150)\3c&H627C91&\c&H627C91&\t(2220,2620,\fry-60)}So I can't look away for even a second (But he's so dense)
Dialogue: 4,0:01:54.24,0:01:56.61,OP1-Romaji2,,0,0,0,,{\bord3\an8\blur4\move(640,20,1280,20,2220,2620)\fry0\fad(0,150)\3c&H627C91&\c&H627C91&\t(2220,2620,\fry-60)}isshun datte yosomi dekinai (nibui ne)
Dialogue: 5,0:01:54.24,0:01:56.61,OP1-English2,,0,0,0,,{\bord0\an2\blur0.5\move(640,700,1280,700,2220,2620)\fry0\t(2220,2620,\fry-60)\fad(0,150)}So I can't look away for even a second (But he's so dense)
Dialogue: 5,0:01:54.24,0:01:56.61,OP1-Romaji2,,0,0,0,,{\bord0\an8\blur0.5\move(640,20,1280,20,2220,2620)\fry0\t(2220,2620,\fry-60)\fad(0,150)}isshun datte yosomi dekinai (nibui ne)

As for the ISR, that is actually something we're testing in the latest beta after Underground78's latest changes early in the week (mo-tue) ;)

Ah, okay. The ISR is certainly making progress, but they currently aren't yet fully viable for fansubs in terms of performance and compatibility compared to xy-VSFilter/XySubFilter or even Libass. I pointed out a few things such things to them the other day. Underground78 for whatever reason always seems to go out of his way to never directly merge our code though, instead rewriting our code to something with near-identical and sometimes reduced functionality, which I don't really understand. They will get there eventually, but they are certainly taking the long and hard road, as they still haven't reached xy-VSFilter level of performance and functionality from way back in 2012. That said, I assume the purpose of enabling the ISR by default in that beta was to crowd-source collection of problem scripts for MPC-HC?

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