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Author Topic: MPC keeps auto-loading external sub track and I can't switch to any other track.  (Read 296 times)


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So I have a raw video mkv with two subtitle tracks with the same file name (before extension) as such: From what I know, MPC is supposed to automatically load any subtitle tracks with the same name as the video. This is indeed what happens when I open the mkv. However, despite having loaded a subtitle track, MPC doesn't seem to realize that it's loaded a subtitle track. Under Play>Subtitle Track is faded out completely. If I try to load an external sub track, nothing happens and video is still stuck on that same sub track. I know it's a problem with the auto-loading function somehow because if I move the sub tracks to a different folder, then I can load them as external subs just fine. I'm using MPC-HC 64-bit (there's no checkbox for "Auto-load subtitles" under View>Options>Playback>Open Settings). I just don't get why the subs are broken like that, because if I use VLC, it just recognizes both of the sub tracks and I can switch between them in the regular subtitle menu. Also for whatever reason there's a slight stylistic difference in the way the subs are displayed depending on whether it's the (broken) auto-loading or loaded as an external subtitle (same imgur album). 

Any help would be appreciated.


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Try check under Play-> Filters-> DirectVobSub

Internal subtitle renderer toggle should be under View-> Options-> Playback-> Use the built-in subtitle renderer
When asking for help, please do the following:
1. Open the video in MPC-HC and tell me what items are listed in the menu: 'Play-> Filters.'
Download the CCCP Insurgent and:
2. Tools > Media Information > "problem file"
3. Tools > Test Render > "problem file"
4. Tools > CRC Check > "problem file"
5. File > Save Log
6. Open the log you just saved in Notepad and copy the entire contents into your next post.


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Oh, so that's where it was. Thank you very much! I have another hard-subbed version of the subtitles and they look like the version using CCCP's renderer so I guess your influence has spread across the globe. Although Chinese fan sub groups have yet to reach Commie levels of typesetting (actually, official subs for this show were better typeset with bilingual subs and colored speech for each character), it really goes to show how much impact your work has. Now if only anglosphere companies would learn how to typeset...

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